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Beautiful House Main Door Designs Ideas

Wednesday, October 10th 2012. | Entrance Design, Interior Design

Main door designs give the homeowners the useful references for the construction of their homes. Main door design becomes an important thing for those of you who intend to design a new home, or for those who always want to up-to-date, have to try to remodel the doors or their windows with the latest model that feels pretty good.

Knowing the latest door concepts will slightly increase your knowledge about the development of the architecture world. The main door design will be the main concern when someone that will enter into our homes. People will sometimes stop for a while, waiting for the homeowner opens the door. Therefore, giving the best impression on the main door design is extremely required to portray the beauty of the design of your home to guests coming to visit.

So, do you wonder about the latest main door designs? The door designs that you can make references before selecting various door models on the market, here are some models of door designs that you can learn and choose:

1. The natural material door

Main door design with natural materials have the distinctive artistic impression which is taller than the house door design made from synthetic. Some examples of models of natural material for main door are wood, plywood and so on. Teak wood door design is a model that is always in demand, even though the price is expensive but the quality is quite high. One disadvantage of the wooden door, if you are in a flood area, the water that routinely visits the house periodically will interrupt the quality and durability of the wood designs, especially triplex. The doors will be easily damaged. However, the advantages of the wood door are safe enough for health. Reducing the use of synthetic goods by maximizing the use of natural materials is a pretty smart way to maintain the health and the environment.

2. Synthetical material door design

One of today’s most popular door designs is the doors that use PVC and aluminum base materials. By necessity, these basic door materials are projected as a solution to the natural disaster such as water flood. Wood material is considered to be not durable when exposed to water. Therefore, the synthetic material believed as the solution to all that. The aluminum and PVC are currently quite popular these days as the minimalist design house door materials. The colors are easy to shape and blend color horizontal stripes on the doors give the impression of minimalism.

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