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The Images Of Best Main Door Design of 2012

Saturday, November 10th 2012. | Entrance Design, Exterior Design

Simple or luxurious homes must have a main door to be passed by the home occupants or the guests. It is the first liaison between the outside world and the inside part of the house. Therefore, it really needs special attention in order to make a good first impression for everyone who’s about to enter the house.

However, many homeowners that don’t concern much about the design of the home main door. They just choose one that has a simple or even complicated door design to be incorporated into their houses. That’s why many interior designers recommend to give more attention to the door, by making unique door designs in order to stimulate the homeowners to beautify and enhance the appearance of this important part of a house.

Here are some unique and brilliant door designs that can spark some ideas for you :

Broken door
The house door designed by Leandro Erlich, who is a talented artist from Argentina is very unique because it has the texture of a broken door. Due to its unique design, this door has been showcased at the gallery Luciana Brito in São Paulo, Brazil.

The light and air door
The light and air door is a simple door with a mysterious character who provides surprising functional features. A pile of holes adorned in the door can be opened and closed by sliding the button, which regulates the amount of light, air and noise between two rooms. This door is constructed of hollow core interior panels shifted from left to right. The door surface can be made of wood, metal or fabric.

ETAF automatic door
No matter how high or big you are, the automatic door always fits you. This door makes the user feel as if they were riding “Sci-Fi” spaceship. The ETAF door holes have a standard size, which consists of about 35 lines each 2 inches tall, the sliding vertical metal bars split in the middle. When a user approaches the threshold, the infrared sensor at the top and sides of the door directly scan the person’s height and width, and then the mirror-like silhouette metal bars will slide.

Best Main Door Design 2012:

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